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Remediation Services

Everett Water Damage Restoration

Professional Water Damage Repair & Clean Up Services

Water damage is something every homeowner dreads. It can strike at any time as a result of a pipe burst, flood, or other disasters. If water is not cleaned up quickly, it can cause more damage.

Water can find its way into the contents of your home, your furniture, and even the walls and ceilings, increasing the damage with every minute it remains sitting.

At Alpine Cleaning & Restoration, our experienced Everett water restoration team understands the importance of working quickly to minimize further damage. This is why we offer complete water damage repair and clean up services.

Call (425) 970-8205 or contact online to speak with our Everett water restoration experts!

Restoring Your Home & Its Contents After Water Damage

Water damage is not always easy to spot. That is why it's important to call a trusted restoration specialist after any type of disaster. Using state of the art techniques and equipment, our expert team can quickly identify and remove standing water before it causes further damage to your home.

If your property has suffered from damage due to flooding, frozen pipe bursts, foundation leaks, basement leaks, or any other type of water-related incident, don't hesitate to call our team. With nearly 70 years of experience, our Everett water restoration professionals are here for you.

Our Water Restoration Team Can Remove Water From:

  • Carpet
  • Floors
  • Fabrics
  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Furniture
  • Clothing

What Does Water Damage Look Like?

The effects of water damage can be devastating to your home, and while the reason for the damage can vary, there are some consistent warning signs you can look for that may indicate a problem.

If you notice any of the following, reach out to our Everett water restoration team right away, as delaying the process can lead to more extensive and costly damage

The most common signs of water damage include:

  • Yellow or brown-tinted water spots on the walls and ceiling
  • Unpleasant, mildew-like smells
  • The sound of flowing water
  • A sudden growth of mold
  • The paint beginning to curl and come off the walls
  • A sharp and unexpected spike in your utility bills
  • The floors becoming distorted or bent
  • Damp spots on the floor
  • Visible leaks or dripping of water

What Items of Mine Can Be Restored From Water Damage?

When deciding if an item can be salvaged from water damage, many factors need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the type of water that caused the damage must be determined; clean, category 1 water will offer better chances for salvage than contaminated category 2 or 3 water, which could present health risks.

Secondly, the type of material needs to be considered; porous materials such as fabrics, wood and paper will absorb and retain more moisture making them harder to restore but non-porous materials like marble, metal and porcelain are typically easier to clean up with minimal effort.

Time is also a major factor; the longer an item remains wet increases its chance of being irreparable beyond repair. Wood furniture may take longer to absorb moisture than other items resulting in swelling and cracking.

How Fast Does Mold Grow After A Water Leak?

Mold can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours after water damage is done to a property. Once the mold is present, spores can then begin to spread throughout your home. Alpine Cleaning & Restoration.

That’s why it is imperative you seek immediate assistance to clean up any water damage. While most water-related disasters cannot be predicted there are some preventative steps you can take to prevent future water damage.

What Are the Health Risks Associated with Water Damage?

Water damage in homes or commercial properties is not just an issue of structural damage and property loss; it also poses significant health risks. At Alpine Cleaning & Restoration, we understand the importance of addressing these risks promptly to protect the well-being of occupants.

Here's a closer look at the health risks associated with water damage:

  • Mold Growth: One of the most immediate and concerning health risks associated with water damage is mold growth. Mold thrives in damp and humid environments, making it a common occurrence in water-damaged spaces. Exposure to mold spores can lead to various health issues, including allergies, respiratory problems, skin irritation, and eye irritation. Individuals with asthma, allergies, or compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable.
  • Bacterial Contamination: Water from floods or sewage backups often carries harmful bacteria and pathogens. Contact with contaminated water can lead to gastrointestinal issues, skin infections, and more severe illnesses. Proper cleaning and sanitization are essential to eliminate these health hazards.
  • Airborne Toxins: Water damage can release airborne toxins and pollutants into the indoor air. These toxins may come from building materials, chemicals, or other substances affected by water. Prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality can result in respiratory problems, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Structural Deterioration: Water damage can weaken the structural integrity of a building. This may lead to the risk of collapses or falling debris, potentially causing physical injuries to occupants.
  • Electrical Hazards: Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Water damage can create electrical hazards, increasing the risk of shocks, fires, and electrical malfunctions, which pose additional health and safety concerns.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Water-soaked surfaces can become slippery, increasing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. These accidents can result in injuries ranging from minor bruises to severe fractures.
  • Psychological Stress: Dealing with the aftermath of water damage, including property loss and displacement, can be emotionally taxing. It can lead to stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues, impacting the overall well-being of individuals affected.

Prevention and Remediation

To mitigate these health risks, it's crucial to address water damage promptly and professionally. Alpine Cleaning & Restoration specializes in water damage restoration, including mold remediation, sanitization, and structural drying. Our trained experts are equipped to safely and effectively eliminate health hazards associated with water damage, restoring your property and your peace of mind.

How To Prevent Water Damage:

  • Check your gutters and downspouts regularly to ensure they are clean
  • Watch for any faucets, fixtures, or appliances that have begun to leak
  • Invest in a leak detector that can indicate if you have any hidden leaks on your property
  • Ensure your water pressure is set at a correct level, as overly pressurized pipes can burst

For 24/7 water cleanup assistance, turn to the expert team at Alpine Cleaning and Restoration. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to handle all your emergency restoration needs.

Why Choose Us?

There is no way to predict when water intrusion might occur, which is why our Everett water restoration team offers 24/7 service to customers in Redmond, Island County, Snohomish County, and the Greater Seattle Area. At Alpine Cleaning & Restoration, we realize every single day you have to remain outside of your home can be stressful. We are focused on restoring your house and returning its contents as quickly as possible so you can return home.

If your property has encountered water damage, call us today or contact us online to schedule restoration services in Everett.

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    “Excellent service. Will use this company again when needed.”

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    “After I discovered that my roof was leaking, I was referred to Alpine by my insurance adjustor. Alpine contacted me right away and set up a time to come out and assess the damage. A crew was sent out a few days later (on a Saturday) to remove damaged drywall and insulation as well as set up fans and dehumidifiers to dry the space out. A few weeks later, I had a plumbing leak and called Alpine up to see if they could come out and let me know if there was damage I could not see (between the floor and ceiling). I texted the owner and someone from the main office called me within 10 minutes to get something scheduled. Everything with Alpine was so easy. They were reliable, dependable, and extremely trustworthy. Both Tami and Kevin responded to my calls and texts right away. My insurance covered the repairs for the roof leak, so I'm not certain what the cost of that work was. Having dealt with a different restoration company a year ago after a fridge leak and coming home to WAY more of my flooring and walls removed that I expected, I was grateful for the honesty and conservativeness of this company. They did their best to minimize damage and I felt they were very conservative with their demo work. They explained that they would need to remove a small portion of the wall and from there could assess if more needed to be removed based on the amount of water or mold found in the space. When I called a few weeks later about a plumbing leak, Tami came out and explained that the water in the floor was right on the line for further action being needed (i.e. pull the toilet out and put in a dehumidifier). She offered to call my contractor and the owner of the company to determine the best next steps. It was clear that she did not want to cause me any unneeded work, expense, or repairs to my house. A few hours later she called and told me to keep heat and fans on the area and that she would come back in 3 weeks to see if it had dried up on its own. I so appreciated the honesty and willingness to explore options that were in my best interest (not necessarily in the company's best interest from a money standpoint). This is definitely a company I hope to never have to call again, but if I do, or if someone I know needed a recommendation, they are at the top of my list!”

    Former Customer

  • Extremely attentive and careful during the packing in and out of my household items.

    “Alpine employees were extremely attentive and careful during the packing in and out of my household items. They were also great during the cleaning process and very organized and got everything done in a timely fashion.”

    Jane K.

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    “I had mold in the basement and they inspected, assessed the extent of the damage, communicated with my insurance adjuster and myself all with the highest level of customer service and professionalism. The crew at Alpine of Nan, Melinda and Kevin will take care of you”

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    “They were very professional. ”

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